Master of Orion Community Spotlight - The Saga of the Extreme Bromance

This week we wanted to shine the spotlight on one of the most exciting Master of Orion Let’s Plays available for fans to watch.

Good games are all about supporting the community and Wargaming has always worked hard to keep the community at the forefront. That’s why we have decided to start the Community Spotlight, an article series devoted to pointing out some of the coolest, most exciting, down-right awesome things that you the community has done surrounding Master of Orion since it launched. To start things off, we wanted to showcase one of our favorite ongoing Let’s Plays on YouTube at the moment.

Welcome to Extreme Bromance, a co-op Let’s Play where YouTubers Mal and Hadrian work together to conquer the galaxy using fan-requested duos. This time around the two galactic emperors will be leading custom versions of the Bulrathi and the Psilons, which is where they picked up the name Brains and Brawn from. In the series, the two take their respective empires and try to lead them towards some form of galactic victory while playing on Master of Orion’s punishing “Extreme” difficulty level. There have been a lot of laughs along the way, and they actually managed to get off to a pretty shaky start, but that hasn’t stopped them from chugging along. 

We’ve included quite a few episodes of the Brains and Brawn series, beginning with the introduction. You can check out both Mal and Hadrian by visiting their respective channels on YouTube, and be sure to stay tuned to their channels for more awesome space action in the newest iteration of Master of Orion. We’ll be covering more awesome community Let’s Plays, so be sure to link us to yours in the comment section below so we can check your epic adventures out for ourselves!