How to Lead the Terran Khanate

Learn how to lead the aggressive Terran Khanate race to victory.

The Terran Khanate are an offshoot of the human race. Born from the Age of the Khans, the Terran rose from the darkest times of human history. Under the leadership of the Khan, the Terran scour the galaxy, seeking to return all intelligent life to the way of the Khan. They are a calloused and aggressive race, who will stop at nothing to secure their place among the stars.

The Terran Khanate Breakdown

The Terran Khanate, or Terran for short, are one of the most aggressive races in the Master of Orion universe. Their various traits actually push them towards war, allowing players who are seeking to conquer the galaxy through violence a very viable race to pursue. We’ve listed off their traits below, and have also offered some additional insight into how this offshoot of humanity works.

  • Militarist – This race seeks to developer weapons technology and features an improved Marine Training Rate, as well as Engineering as a starting technology.
  • Strategist – The Terran plan ahead in every war militarily possible. They are always ready for battle, with the economy feeding off the various effects that war has on the galaxy. They are always ready to support their operations in the field, and feature +20% Command Points as well as -20% to their Ship Cost.
  • Beam Attack – Their Beam Attack is 25% higher than normal and they have an additional +25% to their Beam Attack.
  • Morale – This race features a higher empire Morale than other races, with +15% added to their Morale from the start.

These traits make the Terran Khanate a very war-tailored race, and players who choose this race will want to make sure they are willing to do battle with their foes throughout the galaxy.

Strategies for the Terran Khanate

The most important thing to note with this particular race is that only players who have purchased the Collector’s Edition of the game will be able to use them, as they can only be acquired through that specific purchase option. Second, they are a race tailored to warmongering and battle. This means your main form of victory will be through conquering your enemies, which in turn means you will want to plan accordingly with your turn limit.

The additional Beam Attack boost, as well as the Morale boost, make high taxes a viable option to aid you in increasing your revenue and expanding your empire. As with any race, expansion is important to securing a place of power in the galaxy, and you will want to make sure you have the ships and colonies to back up that place of power. The Terran Khanate are especially good at combat early on, and this effectiveness only increases as the turns roll by. We suggest striking out against your enemies as soon as possible, and forging partnerships with your closest foes in an attempt to increase your technological progress, as well as your incoming revenue.

From there, you can continue conquering your foes and paving the way for the Terran Khanate in the universe. Of course, you can also achieve other paths of victory using this race. However, you will find yourself struggling to meet the other victory conditions, which is why we recommend sticking to crushing your enemies beneath the boots of the Terran people.

Have some other tips you’d like to share with your fellow Master of Orion players? Be sure to leave a comment below letting us know what you suggest doing as the Terran Khanate. We’d love to hear your thoughts!