How the Mrrshan Evolved Throughout the History of Master of Orion

The cat-like Mrrshan haven’t always been the cunning beasts that we see in NGD Studios’ Master of Orion reboot.

When the original Master of Orion released in 1993, the Mrrshan looked more like a combination of a rat and a Chihuahua than they did cat, despite the believe that this race was based around cats. This design changed quite a bit over the coming years, morphing from 1993’s release of Master of Orion II: Battle at Antares to the modernized version seen with the release of Master of Orion: Conquer the Stars.

To celebrate this iconic race, we decided to take a look at just how much things have changed since the days of old.

In 1993, the Mrrshan were quite an ugly looking race. A combination of rat, cat, and Chihuahua-like features brought the race together, forming something akin to a two-legged walking Chihuahua that featured the distinctive personality found in cats. It was a mesh of different creature features brought together to create one of the most ferocious races in the world. Their ship, however, had a far less unusual look, taking a design akin to a large moving oval of metal.

This design changed quite drastically in 1996 with the release of Master of Orion II: Battle at Antares. The ferocious race of cat-like creatures ridded themselves of the rat and Chihuahua-like traits, instead taking on the look of a much more powerful creature, the lioness. Their ship design also changed, evolving into more of a crab than an oval of metal. Their behaviors remained pretty similar, though, and their biggest changes didn’t come until the release of Master of Orion: Conquer the Stars.

NGD Studios’ successful attempt at rebooting the iconic 4X series proved to bring quite a few changes with it. With an updated graphics engine and more modern look came a complete makeover for the Mrrshan, who now looked more feline than ever. The Mrrshan queen, who is one of the best looking characters in the new game, is both beautiful and ferocious, bringing the best of both worlds together to create a perfectly cat-like enemy.

The ship design has always varied, with the Mrrshan vehicles taking on a much more complicated look that resembles a ship you would see within a technologically advanced race. The look is quite refreshing, and the Mrrshan have easily become one of our favorite races to interact with in Master of Orion. Check out the changes below.

You can learn more about Master of Orion by heading over to the game’s official website.