How the Darlok's Design Has Evolved Over the Years

Master of Orion’s sinister Darlok species has evolved quite a bit since the original game. Here is how their design has changed.

When the original Master of Orion released in 1993, fans were drawn in by the unlimited ways that one could take on the universe and the races that resided within it. One particular race, the Darloks, were introduced during the original installment, and while they’ve changed quite a bit since their first introduction, they still remain very similar to how they first began.

The Darloks have always been known for their transformative shenanigans, and while their basic design as a race has remained the same throughout the different iterations of the game, their visual design has not. The original Darloks from 1993 were mysterious, hooded figures that drove ships eerily similar to the U.S.S. Enterprise from Star Trek.

This was a pretty basic ship design in that day and age, and the lower computer processing power prevalent to that time period explains why the original shape was so simplified compared to the newer versions of the race.

In 1996, the Darloks returned once more with a new look. The hooded figure still looked similar to the original design, but this time you could barely make out a reptilian looking skin beneath the clothing, and several jewels adorned the creature’s neck and chest. The ship design also changed, taking more of a saucer-like look in design.

Over twenty years later, the Darloks have changed even more. They now appear almost like faceless shapes of goo. The hood is still there, though noticeably less pronounced than in previous designs. The ship design has also changed quite drastically, now appearing more elongated. You can check out the design changes yourself in the image below.

While the Darloks have changed quite a bit since their first reveal in Master of Orion, they still carry the same basic traits of the race. You can learn more about the Darloks in our guide on how to lead the Darloks to victory.