Master of Orion Extreme Gnolam Let's Play

Check out how this user fairs when playing the new Gnolam race on extreme.

It takes a brave Master of Orion player to transcend the difficulty rankings into the realm of extreme. Furthermore, because Master of Orion Conquer the Star’s first DLC, Revenge of Antares, has only been out for around a month or so, playing one of the three new races on extreme is something special in and of itself.

Take YouTube user Macsen for example, who has been chronicling his Master of Orion journey through a series of Let’s Play videos.

Earlier today, Macsen uploaded the latest entry in his Master of Orion series, which shines a spotlight on the new Gnolam race. Not only does Macsen deftly handle the Gnolams, but he does so on extreme difficulty.

We love seeing how the community shares their dedication and love for the game on YouTube. Have you seen any awesome Master of Orion Let’s Plays lately? Did you make on yourself? Share it with us in the comments!