Learn How Master of Orion was Made with These Developer Diaries

Want to see how far the game has come since its conception? Check out these developer diaries from the past year of development.

Master of Orion is gearing up for its official release, which means it’s time to take a look back at where the game came from. Over the past year, the developers have been hard at work bringing this science-fiction 4X series back to life, over ten years after its last entry.

Of course, you can’t fully appreciate where something is unless you’ve seen where it began. That’s why we want to showcase the five developer diaries that Wargaming released since first announcing the game back in June of 2015.

Developer Diary #1

Released in August of 2015, the first developer diary showcases the rich legacy of the Master of Orion series, as well as the work that Wargaming put into it thus far. In the first video, Jeff Johannigman, producer of Master of Orion I, talks about how they ride the line between accessibility, richness, and complexity.

Developer Diary #2

In this second behind the scenes video, members of the original staff talk about how they took a rough game with a lot of potential and turned it into the Master of Orion that players remember and love.

Developer Diary: Early Access #1

Master of Orion hit the Early Access program in February of 2016. This first developer diary following the game’s Early Access release focuses on developer insight into how players could deal with the various races of the game, as well as features that await those who pick up the title.

Developer Diary: Early Access #2

Showcasing the various victory conditions, as well as the emotional and animation differences between races, the developer team sought to bring insight into the game’s complex late-game mechanics, as well as help players understand some of the choices that they made throughout the game’s development cycle.

Developer Diary: Early Access #3

Released just a few months before the game’s final release, the final developer diary documents the team’s discussion about galaxy generation, exploring new worlds, and even how they worked to strike up a balance in the game’s user interface.

It’s been a year since the Master of Orion reboot was first announced and showcased, and a lot has changed over the course of the game’s six months in Early Access. As we gear up for the final release, we can’t help but wonder how things will change in the coming months, as Wargaming works tirelessly to include new features, like modding, custom races in multiplayer, and more. It’s going to be an interesting experience to watch, and we’re hopeful that a year from now, Master of Orion will become twice the game that it already is.

Header image courtesy of Steam user: Dogtown1