History of Master of Orion's Terran Khanate

Learn more about the backstory of the Terran Khanate race in Master of Orion Conquer the Stars.

Master of Orion Conquer the Stars has been out for a while now, with the latest release coming in the form of the Revenge of Antares DLC expansion. Although playing one of the three new races (Elerian, Trilarian, Gnolam) can be an exciting prospect, there’s still plenty of reason to show Master of Orion’s original races some love.

In this feature, we’ll be taking a closer look at the history of Master of Orion’s Terran Khanate race. First, if you prefer to see just how this race plays out in the game, be sure to check out the following Let’s Play from YouTuber Hadrian. In the video, you can see Hadrian deftly use the Terran Khanate on hard difficulty.

In addition, you can navigate back to our Terran strategy guide, which tells you everything you need to know about leading the Terran Khanate to victory.

History of the Terran Khanate

If you’re wondering what makes the Terran Khanate tick, you should take a few moments to dive into their intriguing backstory. Wargaming has provided an overview of the Terran Khanate and their history freely available. Today, we’re going to be diving into the paragraphs one by one in order to learn a little bit more about one of Master of Orion’s most popular races.

“The Terran Khanate is the twisted reflection of the noble Human race. They are ambitious, persistent, and cunning. Yet, they were forged from blood and war, leaving them unable to move past the traumas of their development. All they see is war. All they know is power, destruction, and ruthless manipulation. They see the galaxy as a lawless space ruined by social freedoms, leading other races to weakness and decay.”

The first paragraph wastes no time in laying down the fact that the Terrans are a ruthless, cunning form of humanity forged from “blood and war.” As a result, they’re an extremely powerful race… one that shouldn’t be underestimated.

“The Khanate was born in a time of great struggle, during the era when Humanity was suffering through domestic conflict, losing millions. The first of the Khans was a merciless and calculating individual who operated from the shadows, and rose to power in this time of chaos. Dire circumstances called for radical solutions in the eyes of the Khan, as he ordered bloody purges to stem the tide of deviancy, corruption, and greed. Castes were established and dissidents were hushed. All roots of humanity were burned away—leaving the newly formed Terran people to rise from the ashes.”

The Terrans may be governed by extreme power, however, it’s not difficult to understand why they’ve become this way. Bred from necessity, the Terrans have molded and shaped themselves to be stronger in order to avoid repeating past losses and suffering.

“The Terran Khanate is ruled by a Khan, and is a military dictatorship. The only way to become a ruler or politician in Terran society is to serve in the military and rise up through the ranks. The Khan oversees the Khanate on an empire-wide scale; they are not concerned with the day-to-day actions of the government or the creation of municipal laws. The Khan is a truly militaristic role. Each planet in the empire has a lesser Khan who oversees domestic issues, and each planet has Regional Directors that are more closely involved in the lives of soldiers and civilians.”

Military strength is one of the core foundations of the Terran race, with members having to prove themselves worthy in battle. This gives the Terrans a firm advantage when it comes to combat in Master of Orion Conquer the Stars.

“In many ways, the Terrans are not that different than their Human brothers. They are brave, courageous, and bold. They refuse to back down in the face of adversity. And most of all, never bet against the Terrans when they are the underdogs in a fight. If the Terran mentality can be summed up in a single statement, it is that the Terran value hard work and resolve above all else (for these are the virtues of strength).”

In conclusion, the Terran race is definitely one that all Master of Orion users should try out at least once. Their prowess in battle coupled with their fierce determination to win at all costs are part of who they are. The other part all depends on how you decide to play them.

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