Master of Orion Version 54.8 Patch Notes

Here’s everything you should know about Master of Orion’s latest hotfix.

NGD Studios released a new update for Master of Orion today. The hotfix, which brings the game to version 54.8, has several fixes included in it that will help make the game better following the release of the Revenge of Antares DLC. Since the DLC dropped, players have reported several problems to the official forums, and NGD has been hard at work trying to set things right. We have all the details on the patch notes below, so take a look to see what’s changed.

Version 54.8 Patch Notes

  • Fix for being able to engage multiple Antarans fleets in one battle when travelling to their dimension using a civilian ship
  • Fix for Antarans bringing more ships than expected to battles
  • Fix for russian DLC voice actors listed as English Voice Talent and DLC voice actors not being mentioned in the game credits
  • Fix for the wrong race appearing on an espionage pop-up
  • Fix for Advanced Jump Gate technology still appearing to be built
  • Fix for empty notifications appearing in-game
  • Fix for the game not being able galaxy to generate a valid galaxy under certain settings (i.e small and young with 5 opponents)
  • Fix for the mind control icon appearing empty in Colony screen
  • Fix for the Mind control icon missing on traits pop-up
  • Fix for Telepathic perk description in the custom race screen
  • Fix for a hardlock on battle result screen that showed the take command and auto-result buttons instead of the results
  • Fix for leaders showing up on every turn under certain match setting conditions
  • Fix for leaders of custom races not appearing in custom race matches
  • Fix for column sorting symbol overlapping column titles on Leaders screen
  • Fix for information about leaders’ bonuses on credits, research and command points not appearing in tooltips
  • Fix for the Main Menu missing in certain Linux configurations
  • Fix for Prisoner exchange tooltip repeating
  • Fix for subtitles synchronization with voiceovers
  • Fix for "Protectorate" appearing in notifications about colonizing a minor civilization
  • Fix for cost appearing even when investment into a minor civ was maxed
  • Fix for 'Independent planet discovered' message triggering every turn as a ship moves within the system
  • Fix for Minor civilization screen not refreshing when clicking Invest
  • Fix for minor civilization being mind controlled
  • Fix for invaded colonies not being taken into account by the minor civilizations for the dominant influence calculation
  • Fix for the Invest button not refreshing on the same turn
  • Fix for the empire name not being fully displayed on diplomatic icon
  • Fix for incomplete investment tooltip
  • Fix for a softlock when closing Espionage tab with LMB and RMB pressed simultaneously in Tutorial
  • Fix for the game not running in certain Linux configurations after previous updates
  • Fix for leaders popping up on every turn if match speed is changed
  • Fix for troops transports not disappearing after attack on or destroying a planet
  • Fix for the Elerian empress freezing during the economic victory cinematic
  • Fix for a softlock when pressing LMB and RMB to open a diplomatic negotiation
  • Fix for Advance Tactics giving both technologies no matter what was chosen

That’s everything there is to know about the patch. As you can tell, the update doesn’t make any major changes to the game. Instead, it tries to take care of some of the issues introduced in the update. You can see what the community thinks, and even share your own comments on the patch by heading over to the official Steam post.