Master of Orion Gets New Hotfix 54.8 Today

The space-faring 4X game has received another update.

‘Tis the season of updates it seems, as Master of Orion developers NGD Studios released yet another hotfix update to remedy some of the issues introduced in the game’s first DLC drop, Revenge of Antares. The hotfix addresses quite a few bugs that were introduced in the new DLC, and it appears that the update’s biggest reason for existing is to help narrow down the issues plaguing the game’s biggest enemy, the Antarans.

Introduced back into the series in the Revenge of Antares DLC, the Antarans are a group of NPC enemies who will randomly appear and attack civilizations and races in a Master of Orion match. A new victory path was also added with the DLC’s release, allowing players to travel to the Antaran’s dimension (where they’ve been imprisoned for centuries), and attack to stop them at the source.

The new DLC added several other enjoyable additions to the game and improved many of the game’s core systems. Of course, that didn’t stop things from becoming broken at certain points along the way. Thankfully, NGD Studios has been working especially hard to try to fix those issues and bring the game back to its own form of perfection.

You can learn more about the update by heading over to the official patch notes, or take a look at the Steam community page to read what others are saying about it. You’ll need to update the game before you can dive in, and in case you were worried, there’s no indication that the hotfix causes issues with previous save files.

Wargaming and NGD Studios will continue to support Master of Orion, and strive to help make it the premiere space-faring 4X game on the market.