Some of The Best Mods for Master of Orion

Which mods are worth picking up with the latest iteration of Master of Orion? Here are our picks.

Master of Orion’s modding scene has been growing, slowly but surely, over the past month or so since the mod support patch was released. Now that the modding scene has had a little time to develop, we want to take a look at some of our favorite mods for the game. We’ll feature links to their download pages below as well, so that you can easily add them to your game and get started.

All AI Opponents

The first mod on our list is one that we find particularly useful. Do you want bigger matches in Master of Orion? Are you tired of the few races you can select in a regular match? This mod allows you to choose any number of opponents for any size galaxy map. This means you can play with nine different races on a small galaxy if you wish. Steam user raccoon created the mod, and it can be downloaded from the Steam Workshop page.

Perk Points 15

It can be tough to create the perfect custom race, and with a 10-Point Perk limit, you may find yourself having to give up traits you really want to play with. This simple mod gives you five additional Perk Points to work with. This lets you create a much more balanced custom race, allowing you to survive longer in the harsh, cold depths of space. Created by Infinite Probability, this mod can be downloaded from the Steam Workshop.

Space Institute & Military Complex

This cool mod from Steam user breckwilhite adds more to the game than the other mods. When downloaded, it unlocks a new research tech called Nontraditional Tactics, which will unlock two additional buildings when learned: the Space Institute and the Military Complex. You can learn more about all the changes this mod makes by clicking on the header above to head over to the Steam Workshop post.

The Colonizer

Also by Steam user breckwilhite, The Colonizer is a brand-new ship brought to the modding scene which fuses together the Colony Ship and the Space Factory. Unlocked with the new Advanced Compound Construction technology, this updated colony ship gives you the ability to build anything you could build with the Space Factory. It’s an intriguing new ship that helps make colonizing new systems a tad easier.

We love mods, and we are always on the lookout for new mods to try out in our matches. Have a mod you’d like to see featured on the site? Shoot us a comment down below and we’ll give it a try. To learn more about modding in Master of Orion, head over to the Steam discussions page.