A New Hotfix for Master of Orion is now Ready for Download

NGD Studios has released a new hotfix patch for Master of Orion.

Master of Orion’s latest update saw the introduction of several bugs. Now, NGD Studios has released a new hotfix which includes fixes to many of the bugs introduced with the patch. In fact, the hotfix resolves one of the biggest issues players were running into, the reintroduction of the “neverending turn processing” bug, which basically kept the game locked up processing your enemy’s turn. It’s an issue that has plagued Master of Orion following the update’s initial release, so it’s nice to see a definitive fix for it.

Other things the hotfix addressed included the enabling of retro ship skins causing the game to crash and break, as well as the mod update option not working correctly. You can read about the full list of changes implemented by the hotfix by heading over to our patch notes article. To make sure your game is up-to-date, open up Steam or GoG.com’s Galaxy Client, then head over to your library. Click on the game, and look for the “Check For Update” option. Steam should automatically update your game, so check your download history to make sure.

If your game didn’t update with the latest hotfix, head into your properties by right-clicking on the game title, and make sure you haven’t opted into any beta versions of the game. This should cause the game to automatically update once changed, allowing you to benefit from the new changes made with the update. You can learn more about Master of Orion by heading over to the official website, or by clicking the large “BUY NOW” button at the top of the screen.