How to Find Mods for Master of Orion Outside of Steam

Learn where Master of Orion fans who picked up their game outside of Steam can find mods.

If you happen to have purchased Master of Orion from GOG, you’re probably wondering how you should go about enjoying the new mods that continue to release for the game following the latest patch. The answer is the same as it usually is for games that allow modding—making the Nexus Mods website a great place to start looking.

Of course, all of the Steam-hosted mods aren’t available here quite yet, and some may never be. However, at least there are options for those who decided to pick up the DRM-free version of the game on GOG. We hope we see the Nexus Mods website grow as time goes on, especially with the support of prominent modders.

For example, well-known Master of Orion modder Spud Dastardly (who began releasing mods before they were officially supported by the game), has stated that all of his mods will be available on both Steam Workshop and the Nexus Mods website.

This gives players plenty of options for installing and enjoying the changes that come with each mod he releases, and we really hope that more modders will follow suit in the future. While there aren’t many mods currently available, you can still head over to the Nexus Mods website to a look at the current selection of available mods.

It's great to see modding make its way to Master of Orion, though it is sad to see so few modders supporting the fans who purchased the game outside of Steam. While Steam is great for PC gaming, it isn’t the one-stop shop that it used to be. Many gamers now enjoy purchasing games from sites like GOG, as it offers DRM-free versions of some of their favorite titles.

Hopefully the Master of Orion hub on Nexus Mods will continue to grow, especially with modders like Spud Dastardly supporting it with big mod releases. We can only hope that the site continues to flourish, and that fans have plenty of options available to them when it comes to enjoying the new changes and additions that Master of Orion mods create.