Master of Orion Patch 51.2 Is Now Available

The latest patch, which adds mod support, is now available for Master of Orion.

The big patch that Master of Orion developers teased has officially released. The mod, which brings the highly requested “mod support” feature is now currently available for all players on Steam and GOG. In celebration of the release of this massive patch, and in celebration of the 20th anniversary of Master of Orion 2, the game can now be purchased for 40% off until November 6th.

It’s fantastic to see that mod support has finally been added to Master of Orion. Originally promised as a launch feature for the game, many fans were unhappy when Master of Orion left Early Access behind without mod support. However, developer NGD Studios has worked hard to bring that feature to the masses, and players can now begin creating and installing mods in their single player games.

The new patch also adds a variety other things, which we covered in our everything you need to know about Patch 51.2 article. So head over there to see all the patch notes and changes instituted with the new update. The latest patch, which adds mod support, is now available. Head over to Steam, or open up your GOG Galaxy client, to download the latest update and start enjoying the new mods created by your fellow community members.

What types of mods are you most looking forward to? Let us know by leaving us a comment down below. We can’t wait to see what the community creates, and we’re sure that everyone will be blown away by the various mods and additions that the fans will soon be making to the game. Mod support is a huge bonus for 4X titles, and it is part of what helps games of this sort survive as long as they do, despite the fierce competition in this area of the industry.